Hello Cornerstone Parents and Students! Time is flying by, and it is already November! And here are the Upcoming Events for November:

(November, 2018) Date: Event
November 2 Grandparents Day
November 9 Walk-A-Thon
November 12 No School (Veterans Day)
November 22-23 Thanksgiving Break

By Daniel K.
Wow, it’s already October and there are several big events coming up! Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and before you know it… Christmas! Here are the school events you need to know about:
Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming on October 15th–19th. On Friday, there will be a half day to allow for conferences. Keep up the good grades!
Also, there will be a bookstore with the theme, “Enchanted Forest,” in the cafeteria. The bookstore starts October 16 and ends on the 18th. It is open during any kind of free time/breaks during school. See you there.

By Wesley C.

Wondering what’s happening next in the school construction? I interviewed Mr. Hoff and he said that we should be getting four more basketball hoops and a jungle gym for the playground.

I also found out that the main campus is going to be located on the gravel where all the cars are currently parked. So, you’ve probably been walking on our future school! The main campus will be build first, which will include K-8th, while the preschool is going to stay in the pods they are in now. The elementary and middle school pods will eventually become the new field and playground. Mr. Hoff also stated that we would like to break ground by January, but delays may slow that down.

Stay tuned for more updates…