Interview With the One and Only Mike R. (Future NBA Superstar)

by James C.

Mike R. is a 6th grader at Cornerstone Christian Academy. He is an amazing basketball player and I bet he’s going to become the next Damian Lillard. He does great in school and he’s my best friend. Here is an inside scoop on his life.

Q: Why do you like Basketball so much? A:  I like it because you need to use your brain and strategize.

Q: Why do you write so much? A: I want to get good grades and explain to the reader what I mean.

Q: What is your life long goal, if you have one? A: I want to be the best NBA player for God’s glory because God is the most important.

Q: When did your family come here, to America? A:  They came here in around 1982 when my mom was 7 years of age.

Q: What Basketball team do you play for? A: I play for the Cornerstone Christian boy’s 8th grade Varsity Basketball team.

Q: What do you do when you come home from school? A: As soon as I come home, I play basketball for 1 hour, then I eat, do homework, watch NBA, read the Bible, and then go to sleep.

Q: Why do you never wear shorts? A: I wear shorts a lot! In the summer, I wear shorts all the time! What do you mean?

Q: What type of entertainment do you prefer (besides basketball)?

A: Football.

Q: Do you truly believe in Jesus Christ? A: Yes, I do!!!!!

Q: Why do you do so well in school? A: James is always willing to help me. I like competing with him.

Q: What is the fastest that you have ever been in a car? A: I think it was 120 mph.

Q: How many steps do you have on your Fit-Bit? A: I think I had 24,342 steps yesterday.

Q: Do you consider yourself a hot or cold weather person? A: Warm.

Q: What other states have you been to besides Washington? A: I’ve been to Florida, Alaska, California, Colorado, and Canada.

Q: What would you do with a billion dollars if you had it? A: I would give 10 percent to charity. Another 10 percent to my church. 25 Percent to pay off my house and then the rest on athletic reasons.


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