Interview with Marah

by Selina Y.

Marah is a new 7th grade student. Her favorite hobby is reading.

Q1: Where do you live? 

A: I live in Battleground 

Q2: Do you like to read? 

A: Yes 

Q3: Do you have any siblings? 

A:  I have one younger sister, one older sister and one older brother. 

Q4: What do you plan on being when you grow up? 

A: I want to be a reef marine biologist. 

Q5: What do you usually do after school? 

A: I usually do my homework and play my iPod. 

Q6: Do you have a pet? 

A: I have three dogs, one cat, four chickens and a pigeon. 

Q7: Do you prefer reading or watching TV more? 

A: I prefer reading.  

Q8: What’s your middle name 

A: My middle name is Rose  

Q9: Do you like art? 

A: Yes 


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