Santa Claus: The Man Behind the Legend

by: Sam R.

Santa ClausWhile Christmas is about Jesus’ birth, December 25th wasn’t always celebrated as this. That day used to be a pagan holiday that may have been celebrated as a party, barbeque, and drinking in your backyard. Now, December 25th is designated as Christmas and celebrated by a family gathering and the exchanging of gifts. This was influenced greatly by a man named St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was a saint born in 280 AD that was a bishop in the church. He was a very passionate man who loved Christianity and was put in jail for his faith. Besides those characteristics, he was a very generous man that is well known for his gift giving. One story you might’ve heard before was when he secretly (or not so secret because everyone knowns about it) delivered 3 bags of gold to a family to spare the children from being sold into slavery. After the death of St. Nick, his legacy lived on. His story spread to Europe where he was known as “Sinterklaas” and he became a household name. Then the stories of St. Nick came to America, but he didn’t gain any popularity. But, in the 1800s, Sinterklaas was revived by being portrayed as a magical guy who flew over houses in a wagon bringing gifts to good kids named Santa Claus. Today, Christmas is a well known and very important holiday in many peoples’ lives. Santa Claus will be a household name for many years to come.


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