4th grade Morning Fun!

by Christina L.

4th grade Mrs. Frey’s is a fun, quiet, and intelligent class. This morning, the class learned about math, and math is very important so that they will be ready for 5th-middle school. Math is very important and very fun to learn.

Check out the morning fun in Mrs. Frey’s class and what they do!


4th grade seems to be having a nice morning with some quality math, am I right? From my perspective, they seemed like they enjoyed it.


Mrs. Frey’s students have different options to sit and be comfortable. It seems they can sit on cushions and yoga balls. Does your teacher do this? I mean, between us, I would LOVE if my teacher lets us do that.

In my observations, I have noticed since last year, 2017-18, 3rd and 4th grade are very different (obviously), but what I am trying to say, is that these students have improved and worked even harder in 4th grade. I wish the best for 4th grade and there future in middle school!







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