Christmas Gift DIYs

by: Surra B.

Hey, it’s that time of year! Christmas! I honestly do not know what I am going to buy this year. So here are some easy, fun, and budget friendly gifts to give to friends and family. I really like these crafts because they are easy, cute, and some of them are even delicious.

1. Airheads candy wreath!  airheads-christmas-candy-wreath

For this you will need…
1. Airheads (a lot of airheads cherry, watermelon, white mystery’s)
2. Cardboard scraps.
3. Something to cut the cardboard with.
4. Hot glue or wet glue.
5. Ribbon (to hang it)


1. Santa’s Sleigh! 

For this you will need…

1.       Mini candy canes

2.       Christmas chocolate kisses                   

3.       Mini chocolate bars

4.       Wet or hot glue


3.Coffee stir spoons (This may be used for hot cocoa or whatever you want)
For this you will need…
1. Spoons (plastic or metal)
2. Chocolate or caramel 
3. Candy canes or nuts

1.     in case of emergency candy bar

For this you will need…

1.        Picture frame

2.        Candy bar (chocolate)

3.        Little sign that says break incase of emergency

brak incas eof emergency

5. Marshmallow pops
       For this you will need…
   1. Marshmallows
   2. Sucker sticks
   3. Chocolate or white chocolate
   4. Decoration of your choice


Christmas tree
For this you will need…
1.  Green and yellow paint
2. Gems for ornaments
3. A big piece of paper
4. Glitter optional
5. Big piece of triangular cardboard
 4. A bunch of paper
5. Hands
6. Glue











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